Live action shots

DancePro capture all of the amazing moments on stage.

Amazing quality, every time

Competition images can be purchased from the DancePro kiosk or from our website. Competition videos are only available from our kiosk during the competition. Videos are not available for sale after the competition ends.

Precious dancing memories

We provide beautiful images of dancers in their costumes at dress rehearsal. There is no obligation to purchase the images. Dancers are welcome to have photos taken in all of their costumes and choose their favourites online.

Images in your hand

Download our free DancePro app, available on iPhone or Android. You can download and store your images safely and conveniently from our website or transfer competition media at our DancePro kiosk during a competition.

When you need it NOW

Choose your favourite images and download them onto your computer or mobile device via email link.

The link is emailed within 5-10 minutes of placing your order. Use the free DancePro app to download your images onto your phone.

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Mini download

The same amazing photos, but mini! Perfect for uploading to social media. 1000 pixels along longest side.

Full resolution

RECOMMENDED! Crystal clear quality. Perfect for printing, enlarging or editing. All the pixels!!!

Perfect for any frame

Our full resolution images are made to be used. Get them printed online or through your local print store on paper or canvas. Decorate your home, or gift them to family and friends.

Digital images

Our digital images start from just $6. There are packages available online and at our kiosk for competition images.

Payment can be made securely and conveniently using a Credit Card.

Images are usually uploaded 1-3 days after the final concert, the galleries do not have expiry dates, so images will be available for the foreseeable future.

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You are more than welcome to share your photos and videos on social media for personal use! We love to see what you’ve picked, make sure you tag us in your posts.

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