Competition Media

Provide a professional media service to your competitors without the hassle, we can organise it all!

We work closely with competition organisers, studio owners, teachers, dancers and their families to ensure we are providing the best possible competition photos, videos and judges critiques. We bring the latest equipment and technology to have the ability to produce dance media as soon as the dancer comes offstage, no waiting! Dancers can even watch their performance on their device immediately after their performance using the free DancePro App. We bring our own stage microphones, which means that song & dance, singing and tap performances are crystal clear and mixed perfectly every time. Our aim is to offer consistency across all events, genres and styles.

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Before the competition begins


  • deal with the individual requirements of different venues, theatres and auditoriums,


  • staff wear identification at all times whilst onsite. All staff have up-to-date Working with Children Checks,

  • have $20 million public liability insurance to provide peace of mind to organisers and participants.

Capturing the competition


  • provide a two-camera video production filmed in high definition on professional Sony cameras.

  • will edit routines while they are being performed.

  • capture visuals and audio and mix them perfectly to provide a beautiful end product. We understand lighting, audio and staging issues and can provide solutions. Sound can be taken from the theatre PA system and mixed with live sounds to give optimum reproduction. Our wireless stage foot microphones will capture song and dance, musical theatre or tap items.

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Competition media

DancePro will provide…

  • a kiosk in the foyer to sell photos and videos immediately. Parents can pre-order their media or wait until after the performance. All routines will be filmed and photographed,

  • 16GB USB 3.0 drives for PC playback. Perfect quality videos for upload to YouTube or Vimeo. (Videos may not be compatible with every model of TV.) USBs will be presented on a free DancePro Lanyard. Provided there is enough space, dancers and their families can re-use the DancePro competition USBs or the black DancePro concert USBs at any of the competitions that we shoot.

  • The free DancePro App is available in the app store. With the DancePro app, you can watch, share and organise your media, view and order concert and competition images and order concert videos. Chat to our friendly kiosk staff for more info!

Competition requirements

We ask that you…

  • provide and area equivalent to 6 seats in the auditorium in the centre of the row towards the back,

  • liaise with the theatre to organise power and an XLR output from the sound desk,

  • provide a space in the foyer for 1-2 tables (depending on the size of the competition) for the kiosk,

  • publish photo and video information in the competition programme and on any online forum (website or social media)

  • announce the photography and videography service at the beginning of each section,

  • announce that photography or videography is not permitted during the performance.


Important info for dancers

  • Please see the kiosk price list below!

  • Individual images can be purchased from the website from 24hrs after the competition. Prices for photos start from $6 for instant digital downloads.

  • Payment can be made by credit card on the website or at the DancePro kiosk.

  • Patrons will not be permitted to take photos or videos in the theatre during the event.

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Copyright & licence

If you would like to use the images for publicity or promotion in print, web or social media, you are more than welcome to, just be aware of the following licence conditions:

The non-exclusive licence granted by DancePro Photography is conditional upon the Licensee (the dance studio) ensuring that the one or more of the following attributions appears on all copies of the Work:


  • Photograph by DancePro Photography

  • DancePro Photography & Video

  • www.DancePro.com.au

  • @DanceProPhoto

Competition requirements

We ask that you…

  • keep our staff in mind when scheduling the competition. Our crew are often shooting and recording for up to 14hrs each day and require suitable lunch and dinner breaks,

  • email us an editable digital copy of the competition programme at least one week in advance,

  • let us know how you're running improvisation sections and awards.