DancePro Photography & Video provide a professional, reliable service to dance schools and studios in Perth. Our team has unrivalled performing arts experience both on and off stage, so we understand every performance is unique. DancePro Photography & Video capture your dynamic choreography and the energy of your dancers, exactly as you intended it. We deliver personalised, custom dance concert video solutions with speed and precision.

DancePro provide a two-camera video production filmed in high definition on professional Sony cameras. The shooting method means all dancers should be on camera for at least 70% of the time they are on the stage. Dance concerts typically have more wide shots. A greater number of close-up shots are used for younger children when their items are more static. The style of the dance generally dictates the way it is mixed and we are trained to follow the flow of your routines. The finished product is a smooth combination of wide and close-up shots. We will edit your concert while it is being performed. Mixing a concert live means no costly post production. We will make minor changes to each routine afterwards to ensure best quality. DancePro will capture visuals and audio, and mix them perfectly to provide a beautiful end product. We understand lighting, audio and staging issues and can provide solutions. Sound can be taken from the theatre PA system and mixed with live sounds to give optimum reproduction. Our wireless stage foot microphones will capture song and dance, musical theatre or tap items.

Concert videos will be delivered on 16GB USB 3.0 drives for TV and PC playback. Perfect quality videos for upload to YouTube or Vimeo. We provide beautifully presented USBs nestled in laser cut foam and housed in a sleek gift box with customised labels and cover.

DancePro offer fast delivery – typically provided within three weeks of shooting with complimentary copies for the studio owner/director.

For more information, or to get a quote, please email


David has been fantastic to deal with throughout the months of concert and after. The quality of film and video is second to none and the after sales service is what makes DancePro such a great company to deal with. We will definitely be using DancePro for the foreseeable future.

Zach Mofflin & Jessica Cox - JLC Dance Company

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